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Find Your Ideal Watch According to Your Wrist Size

June 14th, 2024

A well-chosen timepiece is imperative to a well-rounded wardrobe. Strike an essential balance between the size of your wrist and the size of your watch when you visit our La Différence Time Centre showroom. Whether your wrists are on the wider or thinner end of the spectrum, or somewhere in between, we’re certain our carefully curated inventory of timepieces contains a watch that will make a phenomenal fit. Our expert team has put together this guide to assist our clientele in finding watches that are not only functional and fashionable but exquisitely complement your own natural beauty. 

Watch Elements to Consider

When looking for a watch that flatters your wrist, there are more components to consider than just the case size. We always recommend that you also take into account the case thickness, the strap thickness, and other design elements. 

Watch Case Size

The size of a watch’s case, if not chosen with care, can either overwhelm one’s wrist or the watch may look too small on the arm. Creating a balance requires choosing a watch size that falls somewhere in between. Most luxury watches you’ll encounter will feature cases that are in the 26mm to 46mm range. Typically, if your wrist is on the small side, measuring around 14cm to 17cm, you’ll want to look for timepieces with a diameter that falls on the lower half of that range. If your wrist measures over 17cm, consider watches on the higher half of that range.

Watch Case Thickness

While this may not occur to most shoppers, we believe it is also important to consider the thickness of a watch’s case as it relates to the size of your arm. If you have quite a thin wrist, for instance, a watch with a case that is 9mm thick may look a bit topheavy. As a rule, seek out watches whose thickness feel proportionate to their diameter.

Watch Strap Thickness

A watch that perfectly suits your wrist size will also feature a proportionate watch strap. While daintier watch straps as well as their thicker, bolder counterparts have gained some popularity in recent years, you’ll want to consider how they may look on your specific wrist. Smaller straps may look a bit flimsy and awkward on a larger wrist, while a wide, eye-catching strap may appear to overpower a thin wrist. It all depends on preference and overall aesthetic appeal that you are looking to attain in your style. 

Additional Design Elements

The prominence or diminutiveness of certain design elements of a timepiece can also affect the way it appears on your arm. Large and attention-grabbing indices, subdials, crowns, and more may not be the most flattering on a thinner wrist; while the opposite can also be said of a larger one. Trying on your timepiece before you make a purchase to gauge how well it suits you specifically is absolutely essential. 

Choosing Your Ideal Case Size

Your specific wrist measurement is a great place to start when looking for a watch that aesthetically suits you. If your wrist measures between 14 and 16cm, we consider it “very thin” for our purposes of matching you with your dream watch. Between 16cm and 17cm is “thin”, 17cm-18cm is “medium”, and 18cm above is a “thick” wrist. 

Very Thin Wrists

For very thin wrists, considering proportion is extremely important. It can be easy to choose a watch that is visually overpowering, making your wrist appear smaller than it is. Narrow down your choices by requesting to try on watches with a case diameter in the 26mm to 36mm range. These pieces should both fit comfortably and produce a complementary aesthetic effect. 

Thin Wrists

Meanwhile, those with thin wrists should still be aware of visual overwhelm but may have a bit of an easier time finding proportionate watches. For 16cm to 17cm wrists, timepiece cases with a diameter in the 36mm to 40mm range are a perfect match. They are also quite plentiful in the world of fine watchmaking, ensuring you are rife with choices. 

Medium Wrists

Like those with thin wrists, it may be a bit easier to find a proportional watch if your wrist size falls in the “medium” range. These shoppers should look for watches with around 40mm to 44mm case diameters. Cases this size are not too large, but large enough to make for easy readability and will certainly capture attention. 

Thick Wrists

Lastly, anyone with a “thick” wrist will need to pay close attention to case sizes to create a balanced look. Anything smaller than a 40mm watch case may appear small in an unflattering or disproportionate way. Slightly large 44mm to 46mm timepieces, on the other hand, are certain to create visual harmony for you. 

Shop Luxuries Timepieces at La Différence Time Centre

Your search for a stunning timepiece to perfectly suit your personality, lifestyle, and aesthetic preferences ends here with us at La Différence Time Centre. Our Markham watch store in Ontario houses a truly unparalleled inventory of fine watches from some of the most prolific and sought-after manufacturers in the industry. With the help of our amiable and experienced staff, we are certain that you will find the timepiece proportionate to your wrist size that will make for a phenomenal investment. Request an appointment today for a personalised consultation with one of our team members and experience luxury firsthand.