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Watch Case Shape Profile: Round Watch Cases in TUDOR

May 23rd, 2024

Black Bay 31

Selecting a new timepiece is often more difficult than simply pointing at a piece from behind the glass. It must not only match your lifestyle, but it must also match your aesthetic, all the way down to the shape of the watch’s case. Round watch cases are classic and traditional in the horology world. Dynamic and sophisticated, TUDOR watch collections have beautiful round watch cases that best display the time with style and incredible materials. Our staff of experts at La Différence Time Centre understand that even the smallest details matter on every wristwatch, and have created this guide to help you determine your next luxury watch with a round watch case. Discover how the shape of your watch reflects the distinct collections you select from to match your personality and complement your lifestyle.

Tudor Royal watch with Chocolate watch face


The most well-known shape, and likely the most familiar to many people, round cases evoke a sense of tradition, often being the first image that comes to mind when envisioning a watch. As such, they epitomize timeless elegance and are synonymous with classic sophistication. Their circular design creates a sense of harmony and balance, making them universally appealing and easier to tell the time on everything from dress watches to chronographs and diver watches.

Whether adorned with intricate complications or minimalist dials, TUDOR’s selection of round watch cases offer versatility and understated charm, seamlessly complementing any style or occasion. With their enduring appeal and graceful silhouette, round watches stand as a testament to the enduring allure of horological craftsmanship.

Clair de Rose

Clair de Rose

The Clair de Rose collection by TUDOR epitomizes elegance with its classic round watch faces. Each timepiece blends timeless sophistication with modern design, featuring delicate details such as Roman numerals and blued hands. Crafted with precision, these watches offer a refined aesthetic suitable for any occasion, making them a perfect choice for discerning individuals seeking both style and functionality in their wristwear.

All black TUDOR Black Bay ceramic watch with hybrid leather and rubber strap

Black Bay

A blend of heritage and contemporary innovation fuels the design behind the Black Bay collection by TUDOR with their round watch cases. These timepieces feature bold, easily readable dials with luminous markers and hands, embodying a robust yet elegant design. With influences drawn from TUDOR's rich history in diving watches, the Black Bay collection offers a distinctive look that balances vintage charm with modern reliability, making it an ideal choice for watch enthusiasts and adventurers alike.



The Pelagos collection by TUDOR, available at La Difference Time Centre in Canada, features round watch faces that exemplify the brand's commitment to excellence and durability. Designed for professional divers, these timepieces boast clear, luminous markers and hands, ensuring readability in all conditions. The robust, sporty design is complemented by advanced technology and water resistance, making the Pelagos collection a perfect fusion of practicality and style for diving enthusiasts and watch aficionados.

TUDOR Black Bay 31 mixed metal timepiece

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